Public Events

Beginning in 2021

Beginning in 2021, a new and exciting slate of public events with leading thinkers in fields from philosophy and economics to cosmology will be discussing questions of great importance for the 21st century.

These events will be located in large theaters in Phoenix and Tempe and will be recorded for later viewing online throughout the world.  Tickets will be available approximately 8-12 weeks before each event from


TENTATIVE (TBD) Feb- March 2021

Location: Orpheum Theater
Topic: The Economics, Politics, and Science of Climate Change

TENTATIVE (TBD) Sept-Oct 2021

Location: Tempe Center for the Arts
Topic: Social Justice and Free Speech in Academia

TENTATIVE DATE (TBD) December 2021

Location: TBD
Topic: The Universe and its Mysteries

Tentative Feb-March:  Orpheum Theater:  The Economics, Politics, and Science of Climate Change

Two of the most celebrated scholars in the world will join Lawrence Krauss onstage at the lovely Orpheum theater in downtown Phoenix to discuss one of the most important issues of our time: Climate change.   World renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs, and celebrated linguist, writer, and public intellectual Noam Chomsky have each written extensively of late on the economic and political obstacles associated with addressing global climate change, and Krauss has written and lectured on the fundamental science associated with greenhouse gases.  Together these three speakers will set the stage for a provocative, informative, and lively evening of lectures, discussions and open questions.


Tentative April-May Tempe Center for the Arts:  Social Justice and Free Speech in Academia

Academic and Political Institutions, which should be bastions of free speech and open debate have fallen prey to pressures of political correctness.  Speakers whose ideas may offend are now routinely barred from speaking and open discussion of controversial issues is discouraged as ‘safe-zones’ protect students from ideas that my upset them.  It is routinely presumed that Universities and other large institutions are rife with gender bias and racial bias.  Join writers and commentators, Heather MacDonald, Claire Berlinksi, Janice Fiamengo and Douglas Murray, as well as others TBA who have challenged these developments in the face of sometimes severe protest onstage for a frank and open discussion of issues that threaten both higher education and public discourse today. 


Tentative Sept-Oct (Date and Location TBA): The Universe and its Mysteries:  

Perhaps no field of human inquiry has undergone such a revolutionary change in the past 50 years as the study of the origin and evolution of our entire observable universe.  The individuals who have helped guide these revolutions—including this year’s Nobel Laureate in Physics Jim Peebles, Britain’s Astronomer Royal Martin Rees, and US National Academy of Science members and leading cosmologists Wendy Freedman, Joseph Silk, and Michael Turner—will join Lawrence Krauss onstage to discuss the current status of Cosmology, including outstanding puzzles, and what we may expect in coming years.  Your perspective of your place in the cosmos will be forever changed.


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